Omar Frometa

Lead Software Developer @ FVTech

PhD in Projects | Master in Systems Engineering | Postgraduate in Software Engineering | Master in Web Applications Development | Diploma in Web Engineering & Architecture, Bachelor in Computer Systems.

Over 12 years of experience the development of Applications for desktop (Win32), WEB and Mobile, including ASP.NET (VB.NET, C#.NET, F#.NET, J#.NET), ASP Classic, PHP, Java, Ruby & Python with a vast knowledge in the development of database solutions such as ORACLE, and all environments related to SQL Server, including SQL Reporting Services, Analysis Services, also being a database administrator and Business Consultant. Projects have ranged from simple installations to Data Warehouse tuning and building, Database upgrades/migration, SQL Server Installation and Configuration, and Data Guard (standby databases).

Additionally, well versed developer & analyst (in both, SQL environments and not), with strong focus on getting the most out of the tools I use. I have a broad concept of development techniques used in the main engines responsible for information, I am also very experienced in the design and development of business solutions, acting as software architect and analyst programmer, with strong emphasis on the profitability of the tools I use.