The conference’s identity — our name, trademark, and graphic presentation — is one of our most valuable assets. As the most visible representation of our conference, the Caribbean Developers Conference identity is an important tool we can use to shape the perceptions of our participants, speakers and organizers. Therefore, it is critical that we leverage this asset for competitive advantage today and protect it for the future.

It is for these two purposes — leverage and protection of a valued asset — that we provide graphic standards and application guidelines.




Feel free to use our logos to link to the Caribbean Developers Conference website or refer to the conference. You may also use these to advertise about your relation with CDC.

Preserve the full legibility of the logo

It is important that the photograph or color do not compromise the legibility of the logo.

Use solids for black and white

For black and white printing, the logo should be turned into a solid white or black.

Respect the Minimum Clear Space

It is the wide of a “C” around the entire logo. No text or graphics can intrude into this area.


Below are examples of what not to do with the conference logo. They are designed to give a general overview of bad practices, and should always be adhered to.

Do not rotate the logo

Do not rotate, skew, or bend the conference logo.

Do Not Divorce the C’s and the Logo

The C’s must never appear separate from the wordmark.

Do Not Distort the Logo

Ensure that the Conference logo is never squashed or distorted.

Do not change colors

Do not change colors of the abstract mark or the wordmark.

Do not add any visual effects

Do not apply strokes, drop shadows, gradients, or other visual effects.

Do not change or alter typefaces

We use Gilroy Extra Bold and Gilroy Light for that matter

Color Palette

The CDC color palette has been created to allow maximum flexibility and give a strong set of colors for use. These colors have been used across all materials and products related to the conference.

Dark jungle purple

Dark lava

Rich electric blue

Medium Persian blue

Purple Heart

Vivid cerise


If you have any other inquiry regarding branding and logo usages, please email us at